Fernando e Humberto Campana

Precious containers of different sizes, tall or short, with doors or drawers. The internal structure is of lacquered wood with special metallic paint of the same color of the exterior coating. The exterior surfaces are a mosaic of mirror shards, unique pieces made by hand.


Craftmanship is an essential working method to provide edra’s quality, the oldest and newest one, and it is through craftsmanship that knowledge is handed down: work is done according to a ...

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An essential balance between technology and beauty, between reason and instant wonder. This is one of our values: passion, which creates the greatest quality. The one that belongs to our land, ...

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Fabrics and Materials

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Components of Scrigno

Downloadable materials

Covering in reflective Coloreflex methacrylate, laser-cut and applied entirely by hand. Structure in wood, lacquered with special, highly metalized finishing. Swinging doors and internal shelving in lacquered wood and glass; drawers with pull-out guide rails. Base in dark gray steel tubing with adjustable feet. For models SCN020 and SCN021, legs in glossy brushed aluminum with adjustable feet.